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Catch up time!   
10:01am 11/02/2010
mood: tired
It's been a while since I posted. Sorry 'bout that.

So, biggest news since last time is my hard drive died. D: Yes. And the last time I backed it up was end of December. You have no clue how pissed that made me. Well, the new hard drive is named Tallahassee because you should never name something after a character that dies in the fiction. As I have sadly learned too late.

Other news: I still have no money. And all these awesome games are coming out. This makes me sad.

I have yet to figure out how to hook up my TV to the cable in my new apartment. So I'm stuck with streams and hulu for now.

There is a lot of snow on the ground. It's rather blinding when I look outside.
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10:34pm 18/12/2009
mood: bored
It seems everyone's on twitter nowadays. Apparently, this includes me as I just found an account that I apparently have. Might have to give this thing a try then.
11:20pm 10/12/2009
mood: exhausted
Being sick sucks. Particularly when i should be shooting my final projects.
10:09pm 19/11/2009
mood: anxious
January 21st now? Well fuck. I hope I can make it that long.
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Writer's Block: First Things First   
11:55am 19/11/2009
mood: hungry
What’s the first thing you do when you log into your computer everyday?

I first check my chatzy rooms to see if anyone's online. Then I check the one forum I'm on. Then, using the Firefox add-ons Livejournal Add-On and Breif, I check my flist and RSS feeds. Then I check my gmail.
03:11pm 09/11/2009
mood: bored
Dude, Barnes & Noble, what the hell? Offer free wi-fi but no outlets?
02:08pm 05/11/2009
mood: aggravated
I cannot wait until next year when we work all digital. Film is way too fucking expensive.

Also SEPTA needs to stop being on strike now. I need to do some printing today!
Original Roleplay - Valeria Ford - monochrome delirious   
09:49pm 01/11/2009
mood: cold
Medium: General
Fandom: Original Roleplay
Subject: Valeria Ford
Title: monochrome delirious
Warnings: At least one instance of swearing. Deliberate mood whiplash between songs.
Notes: Valeria Ford is a character from an original roleplay I'm in over on a forum. So far she's one of my favorite characters I have ever created, and the RP she's in, along with it's chatroom 'spin-off'/alternate canon, have been the most awesome and fun RPing I've done in a long time.

Under The CutCollapse )
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04:34pm 28/10/2009
  The initial playlist for a mix I'm working on.

Near to You - A Fine Frenzy
Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
And All That Could Of Been - NIN
A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton
Trouble Sleeping - The Perishers
I'm Gonna Break Your Heart This Time - Kaci Brown
I Love You So Much It's Killing Us Both - Jawbreaker
I Won't Ever Be Happy Again - Bright Eyes
Miss Kiss Kiss Bang - Alex Swings Oscar Sings!
Innocent - Our Lady Peace
Can't Repeat - The Offspring
Don't Speak - No Doubt
Tangerine - Led Zepplin
One Last Chance - James Morrison
Who's To Say - Vanessa Carlton
Split Screen Sadness - John Mayer
I Tried to Make You Smile - Denison Witmer
The Enemy Is You - Elliott Smith
Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy
Waiting For You - Sia Furler
Under The Milky Way Tonight - The Church
Awake - Dashboard Confessional
Here Is Gone - Goo Goo Dolls
Dizzy - Goo Goo Dolls
Miserable - Lit
Crucify - Tori Amos
You Really Got A Hold of Me - The Beatles
Strange & Beautiful - Aqulung
The Chain - Fleetwood Mac
23 - Jimmy Eat World
Mixtape - Butch Walker
Left And Leaving - The Weakerthans
Almost Rosey - Tori Amos
Autumn's Monologue - From Autimn to Ashes
05:37pm 27/10/2009
  I have a pineapple. Her name is Trudy.  
11:10am 24/10/2009
mood: creative
So, NPH on Batman: the Brave and the Bold is epic on so many levels. Just saw it on TV for the fist time this morning, and it was even better then it was on Youtube.

I usually forum RP, with the occasional chat RP as well. But I am branching out! A recent forum RP has spawned one of my favorite characters yet, and I have created a journal for her: mystfreeford. I'll probably only use her for posting in dear_multiverse, but if I can convince any of the others in the RP to create their own character journals...

I am also learning how to play D&D. (3.5 to be exact.) Learning via chat with some of my forum RP buddies, so it's been fun. We just actually started recently, but I'm really liking it. Next on my list of table top systems to learn is Cortex.

My tagging system sucks. I really need to get around to organizing them better.

White Collar is an awesome show. If you haven't already checked it out, look it up. It's fun and very slashy. :)
08:44am 14/10/2009
mood: depressed
Well I fucked up pretty good. Think I completely alienated my roommates last night. I really hate myself sometimes.
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08:51pm 05/10/2009
mood: annoyed
Well, I did something stupid which caused me to loose all my data on my laptop. Joy.
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10:03pm 11/09/2009
mood: homesick
First week of college thoughts:

My roommates are awesome. They're nice, have good taste in movies and music and what little TV they watch. Also, we carpool which is nice because I can't drive.

The apartment/dorm is pretty nice. There's three room, just enough for everyone. Needed to buy bookshelves for all the books I brought with me, and haven't put them up yet, but still.

No cable yet! D: I missed Leverage this week! And I'm missing Psych right now! At least my dad promised to tape it and Eureka so I can watch it when I go to visit tomorrow.

There's a Blockbuster nearby that has all 4 seasons of BSG, so I can continue watching that. There's also a comic shop close. So I already set up a pull list.

Movie theater nearby; we went and saw 9 last night. It was awesome.

Teachers are cool. Biiiiig bonus. Not one of them is boring. Also, free wifi at school and, for the most part, the apartment.

I miss my parents. And the rest of my family. And our Borders. I can't wait for next week, so I'm going to visit tomorrow.
11:47am 03/09/2009
mood: nervous
Only two more days before I move. I hope the three days is enough to get settled before class.
Writing sample   
06:30pm 01/09/2009
mood: content
"Fuckin' bastard," John muttered as he left the restaurant. This was the fifth time this month Charlie stood him up. Not for the first time, he wondered what he saw in the other man. He was a cheep, neurotic, self-hating asshole who didn't really give a shit about anyone. Including John, it seemed.

Not for the first time, John considered dumping the other man. But an image of Charlie, his dirty blond hair sticking out everywhere and his eyes still slightly clouded from sleep, rose to his mind. And again, John remembered that night, two years ago, when he had pretended to sleep and Charlie had poured out his heart. And that was why John would stay. Because even with all this Goddamn fucking around, he knew Charlie cared.

John called Charlie who gave him the location of his latest hangout, another bar. This one was a bit nicer then some of the others; it opened onto the main street instead of a dank alleyway. And inside, it was surprisingly pleasant. There was a warm atmosphere, and the people inhabiting it seemed to be there because they wanted to, not because they didn't have anywhere else to be. The bartender was smiling as he served his patrons, and even conversed with some of them.

John scanned the room for his (boyfriend? lover?) whatever Charlie was to him. His eyes traveled over couples cozying in booths, groups of friends laughing about something, and a couple of men trying their luck with some bored looking women. John scowled when he realized that Charlie was not among them, naturally. Well, he did text directions to a bar named MacLaren's, so he was most likely here earlier. Maybe the bartender would know.

"Hey, you seen a guy, 'bout 5'11" an' kinda chubby, with blond hair an' brown eyes?"

"Yeah, he was here earlier. Think he went to the bathroom or something," the bartender answered.

John thanked him. Ordering a beer, he stayed at the bar and kept his eye on the restroom door while he worked out what he should say.
06:15pm 01/09/2009
mood: enthralled
Holy crap why have I not watched this show sooner?
10:58am 25/08/2009
mood: geeky
Guess who got a new laptop?

I named her Starbuck. The free iPod touch is Boomer. Because thanks to a certain someone, I have a new favorite show and I'm currently working through the first season thanks to Blockbuster. And I need the complete series yesterday.
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11:31pm 03/08/2009
mood: curious
Would vampires make good astronauts?
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05:07pm 28/07/2009
mood: aggravated
I swear these McCafe commercials are going to be the cause of my killing spree.